Xi’an Kitchen (Formerly 8 Flavors) is a Authentic Chinese Restaurant located on 2210 Iowa St, Lawrence, KS 66046 (Tel: 785 – 856-8898). It provides real authentic food from northwestern China. It include but not limited to the small steamed bun, plate of stir-fried chicken, mutton string, barbecue, Hand-pulled noodles and Rou Jia Mo.

There are 1.3 billion people in China spread over 3.7 million square miles. In contrast, there are less than 60 million people in Italy in just over 116,000 square miles. We are, however, quite comfortable with the idea of distinct, regional Italian cuisines. Any self-respecting foodie has a decent idea how Tuscan cuisine differs from Sicilian, how a Bologna bistro differs from a Neapolitan pizza place. How far down that road could the same foodie go about China? Other than some vague idea about Sichuan or Cantonese food, not far at all. But there probably wouldn’t be cumin in the dishes and there would surely be rice on the table.

The food at Xi‘an Kitchen is the cuisine of China’s Shaanxi province in northwestern China (Xi’an is its capital). Xi’an is best known for the tomb of China’s First Emperor of Qin, Qin Shihuang, and its vast army of terracotta warriors. Shaanxi cuisine tends to be somewhat heavy, strongly flavored and spicy, with big, wide hand-pulled noodles on nearly every table. For most, the first taste of Shaanxi cuisine is cumin lamb, a fixture on American Sichuan restaurant menus, though it is not Sichuan at all. The mutton (think older, stronger lamb) version at Xian is excellent, with savory, earthy flavors of the cumin (underlining the earthiness of the mutton) marrying the fresh, spicy chilies. It is an excellent introduction to Shaanxi food.

Hand-pulled noodles are a Shaanxi specialty and Xian’s are good. Biang biang noodles—named for the sound of noodle dough being “thwacked” on a chopping block—are fresh noodles served with ground chili oil, and they’re addictive. Xian offers the same noodles paired with braised mutton and baby bok choy in a broth, too. But, perhaps their best preparation is with braised beef brisket in an angry-looking ma la broth featuring the numbing and spicy combination of fiery, earthy chili peppers and tingly, flowery Sichuan peppercorns. They’re not dishes to share, separating these noodles is challenging.

Here is some reviews of their customers about Xi‘an Kitchen

I went to Xi’an a few times in China, my wife is from the same province as Xi’an, and we both believe this place is legitimate.

Things you must have here: liang pi (cold rice noodle) and rou jia mo (Chinese hamburger). You can’t go wrong with any of the handmade noodles either.

If you want to bring a kickass dish to a party or have a few people with you then get the da pan ji (big plate of chicken). It has noodles, chicken, potatoes, bell peppers and the oil it’s cooked in is pretty zesty.
I love their BBQ chinese hamburger, my wife just loves everything here. They recently opened a location in San Diego which is where my family lives so whether we are in this area or LA my wife always makes me go. Would recommend trying if you would like a taste of what real Xi’an food taste like.the xi`an kitchen in Lawrence ks 23st & Iowa st On my previous visit last week, my friend and I had ordered Big Plate Chicken, Chinese Pork Burger(sandwich thing), Lang Pi , Lamb & Pita Soup and the Lamb Skewers (xinjiang) as well as their new grilled chicken wings. The BPC was by far my favorite with your typical  flavor permeating both the chicken and the handmade noodles. While the flavor for the Lamb Soup was authentic, I preferred a little more broth though the server was willing to accommodate if asked. Both of us really enjoyed the lamb skewers, which were tender and flavorful, although the last skewer had an extremely gamey chunk of lamb meat on it.

– Agirlwithkaleidoscopeeyes: This place is a delicious godsend. I highly recommend coming here for incredible food (especially their hot pot) and outstanding service. everyone was beyond helpful and kind.
– Daniel H : I met with ten others here around 5pm.  The parking lot was small and behind the other buildings in the small plaza.  The restaurant was small and I could see this place being busy with limited tables available.  There were two flat screen TVs with antenna channels and you really had to be in two parts of the restaurant to see the screens at a good angle; however, I don’t think anybody was there to watch tv.

We all came to eat hot pot which was $24.99 per person for dinner and unlimited refills once you finish everything.  I don’t remember everything we ordered on our half of the table, but we did order the half and half broth which was half spicy and half regular broth.  Our side of the table got a cart with three levels of food while the other half of our large table only got two levels of food.The spicy broth was very spicy to me and I felt like it was mostly hot chili oil since the enoki mushrooms we put in there had that appearance.  Almost every person that tried food from the spicy broth from our side of the table coughed right away.  Maybe that was all a coincident or we just can’t eat spicy foods like the other half of our table.  Definitely choose the spicy broth if you love spicy food.  Everything else was as good as hot pot can get in my opinion.

Good place for some hot pot in Lawrence.

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– Xiuhui Y. This is the best one I like in KC.. I always drive almost an hour to have the yummmmy food here!! All pp here are very nice and kind!!! Really recommend all Chinese try this place.

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– Lawrence K: I have been here 4 times and each time…customer service and the food has been great! The first time we dined in, the bill took quite a while to make it to our table but I wasn’t making a big deal since everything else was good. The place is nice and very spacious. Seems to be quite empty but I assume it’s because it is a new restaurant.

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