World’s First Smart Glasses with Gesture Control

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The Motion Control Camera Camcorder Glasses have caused excitement on the crowdfunding platform. Supporters will be one of the first to own a pair of the glasses that can film videos, take pictures and take phone calls.

A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched by Shawn Chen to offer gadget lovers and film lovers the chance to be one of the first to own their very motion controlled smart camera glasses that look similar like they belong in a Mission Impossible movie.

The smart glasses have become one of the most talked about gadgets this month, and now, Shawn Chen is offering people the chance to own a pair by supporting his campaign. The gadget glasses allow people to use smart defined gestures to record videos, take pictures, listen to music and even take phone calls. The glasses can be connected to a smart devices where the user can download the images and videos and upload them to the Internet.

The glasses ( allow the user to listen to music and unlike other headphone devices; Camemory Smart Glasses also has a rechargeable battery digital necklace accessory that allows you to use glasses for another eight hours.

The crowdfunding campaign was launched with the intention to test the market. For those worrying time is running out to support the campaign and own a pair of the camera camcorder HD Bluetooth smart glasses, there is still time to join the campaign.

The smart glasses are not just for fun; they can be used for many different applications including business and security. They can record meetings, which can be played back at a later date, or they can be word by security personnel who can record any incidents that may happen. They can even be worn while driving where they can catch any accidents that may happen, where the filming of the accident can be passed onto the insurance company to settle a claim.

The smart glasses are not available in the shops at the moment, and by joining the campaign, backers could be one of the first to receive a pair, making family and friends jealous. Once they hit the market, they will become more expensive than they are now, giving people another good reason to support the campaign.

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About Motion Control Camera Camcorder Glasses

The campaign is for the Motion control camera camcorder glasses. The glasses can be controlled by defined gestures to record videos, take pictures, and allow the users to adjust the volume and switch songs.

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