Wearable Chair is Japanese Latest Tech Innovation: Fight Leg Fatigue

Great for people that have to stand for long periods of time. Healthcare, retail and factory workers could benefit from wearable chair.


Japan has invented a new gadget that will ease the stress in the legs of people who are forced to stand for long hours. It is the ‘Wearable Chair‘ and its main targets are surgeons, doctors, retail store assistants, hospitality workers and those who have to stand nearly all day to do their work.

This takes the term “wearable technology” to a higher level. It seems tech giant Apple and Fitbits haven’t thought about applying their energies in developing this kind of chair.

The creators of this unique chair are Nitto, a Yokohama-based mold company and the Center for Frontier Medical Engineering of Chiba University in Japan. They did it in collaboration with two other institutions namely Japan Polymer Technology and Hiroaki Nishimura Design.

The group called their special chair Archelis. It is designed to lessen fatigue by the support it provides to key pressure points of the leg. These include the balls of the heels, the front of the calves and the top of the thigh.

The designers intended their chair to ease the stress on the legs of those working in the medical field. It is also very convenient since there is no need to remove it from time to time because it also offers a full walking range of motions.

According to Nitto, the chair is neat and compact so that it can easily fit under one’s clothing thereby extending its applications not just for the medical field, but also to hospitality workers and retail assistants.

This is not the only contribution Japan has given to ease the stress of those in the medical field. Previously, it also unveiled the Innophys Muscle Suit, a weight-support device partly intended to assist care workers so that they can physically help their patients.

The Archelis is set to be launched and made available to the public by the summer of 2016. Its manufacturers have not released any information regarding its selling price.

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