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Smart Wallet Kickstarter
Smart Wallet Kickstarter

About Walli smart wallet

The everyday smart wallet by Walli smart wallet is a modern wallet for the modern man. Compatible with Android and iOS, the everyday smart wallet connects to your phone through the Walli app and will notify you when you leave it behind.

Founded in 2015, Walli smart wallet, Inc. is a technology startup that develops innovative products for modern America. The company’s first product, the everyday smart wallet was first introduced in late 2015 on crowdfunding platforms Indiegogo and Kickstarter — generating over $650K in pre-orders.

Currently, Walli smart wallet is in the early stages of developing several innovative smart products for men and women.

Let’s know Erisonic rechargeable smart wallet now!

It is a smart bluetooth enabled wallet that not only protects your wallet from getting lost but also prevents its contents from getting lost

In 2014 Erisonic developed our first successful Smart Wallet. Listened to everything you had to say, and now Erisonic back again with a greatly upgraded product.

Erisonic wanted to make sure you’ve picked the ideal one for you. You are now in full control of what your wallet will look like and have the ability to choose a wallet that truly represents your style.

Smart Wallet is a revolutionary device that allows you to keep track of your wallet, preventing any awkward situations looking for it frantically at the check-out registers. Bluetooth wireless technology allows the wallet to connect with your smartphone via a free App that records the time and location it became misplaced.

Prevent your Smart Wallet from falling out of your pocket. If your wallet some how falls out of your pocket, and alarm on your phone will instantly start going off.

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