Something you may not know about Erisonic Exfoliation brush head.


Something you may don’t know about Erisonic Exfoliation brush head.

Routine exfoliation has a lot of benefits to your skin.

  1. Exfoliation can help skin stay soft and glowing.
  2. Buffing away dead skin will prevent pores from clogging. Doing this can keep acne under control.
  3. Exfoliating accelerates skins natural update process and helps moisturizer penetrate into the skin deeper.
  4. Removal of dead skin cells helps with skin discoloration (uneven tone).
  5. Routine exfoliation leads to visibly brighter skin and it keeps fine lines and wrinkles in check

The Erisonic exfoliation brush head is made of a very unique material. It can give a little exfoliation to skin, or it can give a deep clean, helping to pull out all the dirt, makeup and oils locked in pores. The brush head is very soft allowing users to directly apply to their face. Put the cleanser on the sponge and either clean in circular motion, or focus on one place. Users can apply numerous cleansers, masks, and exfoliators to the brush head, allowing them to feel a little benefit every day.

sponge brush head

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