Skincare in Spring


(Skincare Spring) First, skincare methods for different types of skin in spring

  1. Dry skin: usually its lack of water, the surface is relatively dry, it has prone to chapped, fine lines and peeling phenomenon. Delicate skin, small pores, but the lack of luster. Facial makeup can be maintained for a long time. Daily care needs to pay attention to prevent moisture loss, choose a mild cleansing products to keep the sebum film. Appropriate to strengthen the skin metabolism and blood circulation, pay attention to deep layer of moisturizing, exfoliating and massage repair products, strengthen the sunscreen during the day, and prevent premature aging. During daily diet, pay attention to the intake of water, drink plenty of water, especially before going to bed. (Skincare Spring)
  2. Neutral skin: it can be said that the best skin, delicate skin, small pores, almost no fine lines. Fat and moisture secretion balanced, the surface is shiny, flexible; is the most perfect skin, only few people have it. Daily care is simple, only need to do a good job of cleaning and basic maintenance, regular care, according to the season, climate and physical condition to adjust skin care products, to ensure normal living, adequate sleep and healthy diet, so that the basic enough to keep the skin The best condition. Recommend to use mild skin care series. (Skincare Spring)
  3. Sensitive skin: the skin is dull, and it’s easy to get red, easy to see microvascular, touch dry, easy peeling, and dander. So be careful to select skin care products, it is best to use safe natural Chinese herbal skin care products or children’s skin care products, mild type. (Skincare Spring)

4, Oily skin: sebaceous glands secrete strong, the skin for a long time is showing a sense of oil. Thick skin, large pores, easy to grow acne. Not easy to produce wrinkles. Facial makeup is hard to stay. Daily care should choose which can control the skin oil secretion and maintain skin cleansing, reduce acne, blackheads and acne occur. Skincare products should choose fresh convergence type products, weekly care appropriate to strengthen the exfoliation and deep cleaning. Do a moisturizing sunscreen during the daytime, to avoid skin aging. (Skincare Spring)

  1. Mixed skin: oil secretion is not balanced, characterized by T-site parts are oily skin, and cheeks, eyes around are neutral or dry skin. So the mixed skin people are both dry and oily skin characteristics. Therefore, maintenance needs to be more carefully arranged. Use balance oil secretion of skin care products, according to different seasons choose the right skin care water. (Skincare Spring)

Second, the spring skin care tips

Drink plenty of water in spring, at least 2500 ml of boiled water every day, and one bottle of water before going to bed and getting up in the morning, it’s good to keep skin moisturizing, and also dilute the blood, good for cardiovascular health. Also pay attention to anti-allergic, sunscreen and moisturizing. Commonly use wet mop mopping, or sprinkle some water in the room. Drink honey water, eat more fruits, vegetables, eat less fish, beef and mutton and spicy food. (Skincare Spring)

Third, three things for skincare in spring

Spring skincare, cleansing is the first step (Skincare Spring)

Spring sebum secretion will become livelier, while the sand, dust and bacteria in the air are also very easy to block the pores, and acne often quietly appearances. In order to keep the skin smooth, cleaning is the most important and most basic step. (Skincare Spring)

Cleansing products not only to thoroughly clean the skin, but also should not stimulate the skin. Good cleanser also contains unique emulsifying molecules and activated cell ingredients, can remove dead skin, promote metabolism (Skincare Spring)

Spring skincare should pay attention to exfoliation (Skincare Spring)

First step of skincare is to exfoliate, in a more gentle way. (Skincare Spring)

Spring skincare is key step  (Skincare Spring)

Just by ordinary cleaning care cannot get a good skin condition. Adjust the skin balance, supplement the lack of skin nutrition is the key to spring skincare. (Skincare Spring)

Four, four steps of spring skincare

Step 1: Makeup remove products

According to the condition of the skin to choose cleansing products.

Oily skin T zone oil has strong secretion, you need rich foam products wash; when find skin become red with acne, it should use a mild cleansing lotion; after burns, you need to pay attention to the balance of skin protection function. (Skincare Spring)

Step 2: Wiping

With cleansing cotton dipped in the amount of makeup water, gently wipe the face, wipe off the secretions, so that the skin will restore the original glory. Selection of moisturizing effect of a good lotion is very important, both moisturizing the horny, and also to restore the normal function of the protective layer function. (Skincare Spring)

Step 3 Moisturizing

A lot of vitamin C also keep your skin moisturizing. Vitamin C can effectively prevent the skin aging. Also it has a whitening effect. It is essential skin care products. (Skincare Spring)

Step 4 Special pores care

When the pores become obvious, it must be cleaned. After cleansing, immediately do massage. At the same time, dead skin will be completely cleared from the pores. In addition, with cleansing cotton dipped in the right amount of makeup water to wipe the face, gently press the nose of the pores of the sebum. This will get a good convergence pores, firming effect. (Skincare Spring)

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