Facial Skin Cleansing Benefits from Erisonic ®


Facial skin cleansing brush Benefits

“Too much of a good thing is never a good thing”.

A popular type of skin care is facial cleansing. Every product has it’s pro’s and con’s so what separates Erisonic skin cleansing brush from the rest of the facial skin cleansing world?

Erisonic uses wave form technology instead of the sonic form technology. This means the Erisonic vibrates at 2700-5000 movements per minute which works with the skin as our brush heads don’t spin. Erisonic skin cleansing brush  does remove make-up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt and other types of pollutants from the skin of the face. However, we are giving our users the ability to control how the device works with their skin with 3 different massage modes and 5 levels of intensity.

Erisonic skin cleansing brush also has incorporated a massage system into the device which allows for relaxation and proven increased peripheral circulation (aka: receiving oxygenated blood and all of the nutrients). It is proven that stress does cause break outs; so not only is Erisonic decreasing your stress levels thus preventing break outs and other skin conditions but it is also preventing break outs and other skin conditions on the other front with the facial cleansing brushes.

To give you an example:

When you first turn on your Erisonic skin cleansing brush  it will be on Mode 1 | Intensity 1 which is best for those with sensitive skin when using the green sensitive skin brush.

What are the benefits from the Erisonic skin cleansing brush ?

  • Get healthier, cleaner, softer, younger-looking skin from your very first treatment. Erisonic® cleansing is an essential first step in a healthy looking skin care routine. It helps remove impurities, sebum and makeup.
  • Compared to traditional hand cleansing with wash cloth, using the Erisonic® skin cleansing brush  Cleansing better prepares your skin and allows for a better absorption of your favorite skincare products, allowing body lotion, cream, face serum and moisturizer to work better.
  • Helps to improve the appearance of skin tone, texture, elasticity and firmness
  • Makes skin look and feel softer, smoother, more radiant and healthier, just like the skin it transforms,
  • Reduces the appearance of visible pores.
  • Helps to clear the appearance of acne lesions
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Provides the proven benefits of glycolic acid in a formula targeted to oily/problem-prone skin
  • Enhances the benefits of all other skin care products

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