Roccbox: The Portable Stone Bake Pizza Oven


Meet Roccbox – the easy to use, 930°F (500°C) oven that cooks restaurant quality pizza in just 90 seconds and so much more.

Roccbox is a portable, lightweight, wood and gas fired stone floor oven. It cooks beautiful Neapolitan pizza in under 90 seconds as well as an unlimited number of your favourite meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Until now, wood fired ovens have only been accessible to those with a big budget and permanent, outdoor space. Roccbox solves these problems and brings authentic wood and gas fired cooking to everybody. Take Roccbox with you camping, to the forest, on the beach or use it in your back garden. You’ll be able to achieve unbeatable cooking results anytime, anywhere.

Wood fired cooking is all about excitement, theatre and amazing flavour.  There is a reason why artisan ‘stone bake’ restaurants are on the rise! It is a creative and addictive way to share social time with friends and family and we believe that once you taste the results, it’ll change the way you cook and socialise forever.

Smaller & more affordable than a full-size oven, without any compromise on speed or power.

Traditional stone floor ovens are large, heavy and take a long time to heat up. They are also pretty expensive which means that most people don’t get to enjoy the incredible food they create.

Roccbox is powerful enough to reach up to 930°F (500°C) in as little as 15 minutes. It is small enough to transport and comes with both a wood and gas burner so you can choose which style of authentic high-heat cooking suits you.

A word from Roccbox’s founder…

“I wanted to take the hard work out of wood fired cooking. Making it possible for anyone to own a stone bake oven with even the smallest outdoor space and a limited budget has been a dream of mine since I started The Stone Bake Oven Company 6 years ago.

My commercial wood and gas fired oven business, Gozney Ovens is the UK’s market leader. Seeing the unbeatable results produced from my commercial ovens when using the highest quality, commercial-grade materials meant that nothing was compromised during the design and manufacturing of Roccbox.  The cooking results rival that of my commercial ovens without a doubt!”

Tom Gozney – Founder and CEO

Roccbox can cook almost anything.

Once you have mastered the art of 90 second Neapolitan pizza, you’ll probably want to explore Roccbox’s versatility. Whether roasting vegetables, caramelising meat or crisping up fish and fluffy breads, Roccbox will leave you with a completely unforgettable taste experience.

The real magic is in the finishing. In Roccbox, you have the ability to cook at temperatures much higher than a conventional oven and this is the key to the unique textures and flavours you’ll now be able to create at home. We think that these unbeatable results are the reason that anyone who tries the food produced falls in love with Roccbox instantly.

Create authentic, stone baked Neapolitan pizza.

Originating from Naples in Italy, Neapolitan pizza is regarded the best in the world. It has a super light, fluffy rise with crispy, charred spots and ideally made with a good sourdough.

A temperature of 930°F  (500°C) is required in order to achieve the optimum pizza cooking environment. Roccbox’s porous stone floor crisps up the pizza from the base up whilst the rolling flame cooks the pizza top down resulting in an exceptionally quick and evenly cooked pizza.

The mark of a true Neapolitan pizza is the speed it is cooked. In Roccbox, it takes about 90 seconds to achieve. All you need to do is rotate your pizza a couple of times throughout to ensure a thoroughly even cook.

Don’t believe it? Watch Roccbox’s founder, Tom cook a 90 second Neapolitan pizza in this one-take video!

Still don’t believe it? 

Checkout the ‘un-chopped’ footage from each camera on Youtube.

Blitz fish skin to crisp, crunchy perfection.

Fish and seafood dishes cook beautifully and effortlessly in Roccbox. The intensely dry heat will cook your fish dishes through in no time whilst locking in moisture, keeping the fish succulent. But it is the perfectly crisp skin that really steals the show – achieved in a way that no conventional oven ever could! Dishes such as garlic king prawns and hot smoked salmon can be produced within minutes, the rolling flame licking the food leaving behind a mouth-watering, unique flavour.

Beautifully roasted meat dishes.

Crispy crackling, tender, juicy steaks and deliciously caramelised roasting joints can all be achieved simply and easily in Roccbox. Cook perfect steaks every time on a cast iron griddle pan. The high heat will brown and caramelise the exterior of the steak whilst it cooks through to your preference. You can also reduce the heat a little lower to roast your meat over a longer period of time for dishes such as aromatic, herb-infused spatchcock chicken. Just don’t forget to whack up the heat for the last few minutes to crisp up that beautifully herby, oily skin – you’ll never want to roast in your conventional oven ever again!

Bake impossibly good flatbreads.

Roccbox’s porous stone floor lends itself perfectly to baking breads, ensuring a perfectly crisp crust every time. Ideal for creating flatbreads out of your leftover pizza dough or favourite artisan recipe, the high heat cooking environment means your dough will rise to beautifully fluffy loaves within seconds, not forgetting the delicious charring and spotting that is only achievable by authentic stone baking. Use Roccbox at a lower temperature to bake your flatbreads, remove from the oven and stuff with your favourite cheeses and cured meats. Place back in the oven to toast and melt down for a mouth-watering, stone baked, deli style sandwich – you’ll never want to buy a shop bought snack ever again!

Veggies in a flash.

The intense cooking environment of Roccbox is ideal for crafting impossibly tasty vegetable dishes. Soft and sticky sweet potato wedges, crisp and caramelised Mediterranean vegetables and deliciously seared asparagus are all incredibly quick and simple to execute. The high heat environment will rapidly cook the food through whilst the rolling flame will catch the edges of your vegetables leaving behind the crispy charring that make roasted vegetable dishes irresistible.

How it works?

Whether using wood or gas, the burner attaches to the underside of Roccbox’s body. Once it is lit, all of the thermal elements (dome insulation, stone floor and under floor insulation deck) begin to store and radiate heat, saturating it evenly throughout the oven. This creates a unique, consistent cooking environment closely mirroring that of a traditional stone bake oven.

This all sounds great, but is it safe?

 The Roccbox team have an extensive background in commercial oven design and engineering and we take safety extremely seriously. Cooking in Roccbox is a unique style of cooking but is very safe and you’ll have it mastered in no time. Our comprehensive user manual will cover the dos and don’ts and absolutely everything in between from safely firing up the oven, to handling the oven after use. We have worked exceptionally hard and have taken considerable care to ensure that Roccbox is as safe to use as any BBQ you’ll find on the market! We will of course meet all the relevant safety standards and certifications in each country that we ship to

Light enough for one person to carry.

Portability is key issue with traditional stone ovens. Yet the reason they work so well is down to their thermal mass (which equates to weight). We knew therefore that Roccbox had to be balanced carefully in order to achieve its mission. Dense enough to work effectively but light enough for one person to carry. After almost 100 material and composition variations, we’ve got it just right. The handy carry strap we have designed means that lifting Roccbox out of its box is a breeze and at just 20kg, Roccbox can be carried short distances single handedly ready to pop up wherever you chose!


Heats up to 930°F in as little as 15 minutes.

Roccbox is portable, lightweight and compact resulting in ultimate convenience. However, all of these features would be wasted if it took too long for the oven to get up to cooking temperature. Unlike a conventional BBQ where you may have to wait in excess of an hour, Roccbox will reach the optimum pizza cooking temperature of 930°F (500°c) in as little as 15 minutes. Whether you are cooking with uber convenient gas or going for a totally traditional wood fired cook, with as little as 15 minutes to wait you’ll have more time to concentrate on socialising with family and friends and eating great food, which is what Roccbox is all about!

Choose from two stylish colours.

Do you like to make a statement and stand out from the crowd? We have no doubt our striking Grass Green Roccbox is the one you’ll choose. It has become our iconic statement colour over the past few years and we know you are going to go crazy for it! If you tend to opt for the slightly understated look and prefer your gadgets a little more sleek and stealth-like, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Our Stone Grey is simple, dramatic and effortlessly cool.

Everything you need to get started is in the box.

We want everyone who receives a Roccbox to be able to get outside and get cooking as soon as they receive it meaning we have filled the box with absolutely everything you are going to need to get started.

————————— I N C L U D E S ————————–

Roccbox Oven in Grey or Green with under-floor, built in thermometer

Gas Burner Attachment with hose

Wood Burner Attachment

Commercial Grade Pizza Peel

Carry Strap (to aid lifting Roccbox out of the box)

Instruction Manual complete with recipes

Roccbox Bottle Opener (a handy tool that can also be used to open the wood hopper!)

Watch Roccbox’s founder, Tom explain what’s in the box…

Includes 2 burners: wood & gas.

Originally, both burners were going to be sold as separate products. However, during the testing stages of Roccbox, we soon realised that both wood and gas offer a unique cooking experience that everyone should be able to experience right out of the box. All customers will receive both a wood and a gas burner, with hose.

Gas Burner

Roccbox’s gas burner was a challenging component to get right. Although skilfully designed, it is the more simplistic of the two burners in terms of operational use and maintenance. You simply can’t beat the consistency or convenience of a constant, regulated flame when optimising an environment for cooking Simply turn the gas burner on and adjust the temperature to suit your cooking style.

Wood Burner

Roccbox’s wood burner is an engineering masterpiece and was the most challenging part of creating Roccbox. The wood burner is constructed of three layers of stainless steel, the outer most layer being perforated to prevent intense heat build up. The entire burner has been designed to draw air through its body, creating an intense flame with a secondary combustion that has all the power of a mini jet flame without the need of a power sourceIt really is a pretty cool piece of engineering!

Using the wood burner is a much more traditional process, but a uniquely rewarding one. Roccbox wouldn’t be true to its roots without a sustainable fuel option and we think the authentic flavour that wood fired cooking brings to all dishes is more than worth the effort. Kiln dried, hardwood kindling is our recommended fuel of choice and you can even experiment with different wood types to achieve variations in flavour.

Commercial Grade Pizza Peel

The Roccbox pizza peel was designed to be ergonomic, lightweight, beautiful and functional. It is made from pressed aluminium and has tapered edges to ensure smooth transitions as your pizza is moved from its preparation surface to peel, from peel into the oven. The perforations in the peel allow for any excess flour to escape before placing the pizza into the oven because burnt flour on the underside of your pizza tastes bad and looks even worse!

Stone Cooking Floor

Getting the stone floor right was crucial to the success of Roccbox. We went through countless variations to get the right balance of density and porosity to ensure the stone performed excellently and created delicious pizza.  Once saturated with heat, Roccbox’s cordierite stone absorbs moisture whilst cooking from the bottom up, creating the signature leopard spotted bases associated with an authentic Neapolitan style pizza.


Product Warranty. 

We are confident you will be able to enjoy Roccbox with your family and friends without a hitch. However, to cover our valued customers from any unlikely and unforeseen manufacturing defects or faults, every Roccbox comes with a 1 year warranty.

Why we need your help.

We have come this far (see our roadmap below to see just quite how far!) and we are now at the point where we need to enrol your help to get Roccbox over the line! In order to kick start the production of Roccbox and fund our first batch of stock, we are asking for contributors to place their orders meaning we will be able to bring Roccbox to you sooner and fulfil orders from June 2016.

What’s in it for you guys? Unbeatable, exclusive discounts off the RRP and an exceptional product that we guarantee will revolutionise the way you cook and socialise for the better!

Why should you trust us? Our founding investors have spent £250,000 on development so far, we’re safety certified and our factory is ready to roll. Our team has an outstanding track record for creating innovative wood and gas fired oven products that have disrupted the outdoor cooking market in a big, big way. Our exceptional expertise in engineering and design, remarkable customer service and undeniable work ethic will ensure that your order is in the best of hands – you won’t be disappointed.

We have appointed only the best manufacturing and production partners who adopt the very same attention to detail that we do and who share the same enthusiasm and excitement for getting Roccbox to you. Our factory has the capacity to create 300 units per day which we hope reassures you that we really mean business!

Your contributions and continued support will bring Roccbox off the production line and into gardens, beaches, parks and campsites all over the world – that is pretty special!

A team you can rely on

Here is a rare snapshot of just a handful of the Roccbox team. These guys are responsible for putting together our Indiegogo campagin. They form part of a much larger Roccbox family, some of whom you can read more about below.

Tom – Founder & CEO

Roccbox is the brainchild of Tom, created back in 2012. When Tom isn’t embarking upon his next entrepreneurial endeavour or managing his multiple successful businesses, he loves to cook for his friends and family – he is a total foodie and all-round caveman. Tom’s vision was as clear as day every step of the way throughout the Roccbox design process and he has refused to compromise on any element. Now that the launch is in sight, he can’t wait to share Roccbox with the world.

Marcus – Production Manager

Joining the Roccbox team as a Project Coordinator last year, Marcus really has become our jack of all trades (and master of all of them!) Firstly brought on to coordinate the production process before branching out into all areas of Roccbox’s development, Marcus has been involved in absolutely every element of Roccbox behind the scenes, driving everything forward whilst also being Roccbox’s first point of contact. Chances are, if you’ve reached out to the team before, you know who Marcus is!

Georgia – Tom’s Executive Assistant

Known informally as ‘G’ throughout the team and part of Roccbox from the very early days, Georgia provides full support to Tom and his staff. From chairing team meetings, to jumping in when times get hectic, project coordinating and cracking the whip where necessary, she has kept everyone on track ensuring we are all working to Tom’s ultimate goal of bringing Roccbox to market!

Rich – Creative Director

We know each and every one of you has been ooh-ing and ah-ing over our incredible visuals and super slick website. Well, Rich is the man to thank for that! Part of the Roccbox team from the very beginning, with an extensive background in design and illustration and founder of his own digital design agency, Rich has been an invaluable asset in conveying our vision to the masses and communicating our mission digitally.

Laura – Project Co-ordinator

Part of the team from day one, Laura has been an integral cog in the Roccbox machine since the early days. From the early concept drawings, right the way through to factory visits, Laura brings to the team the unique balance of creativity and brains that have helped get Roccbox through every development hurdle it has faced!

Mike, Patrick & Paul – Product Design and Engineering

The technical team; without them Roccbox simply wouldn’t exist! Patrick’s wealth of experience in engineering and design, combined with Mike’s patience of a saint, profound skill as a product designer and draftsman means that each and every element of Roccbox has been considered by them, right down to the last rivet. What Paul brings to the mix is the ability to visualise Roccbox whilst everyone else is caught up in the nuts and bolts of it. He’s a CGI artist and really brought Roccbox to life when it was just drawings on scraps of paper!

Geoff – Head of R&D and Media Production

All round intellectual and food enthusiast, Geoff has been driving the research and development of Roccbox forward at full speed as well as managing the production of our video and photographic content for this campaign.  What else is there to say about Geoff? His culinary habits are famous in the office (let’s just say: serious lunch envy!) so good in fact that they’ve even made it into our Roccbox recipes!

Bronson – Office Dog

The office dog – there’s nothing he likes more than lounging about on the sofas all day, contributing nothing but adorable stress relief for the whole team. Always keeping a watchful eye on the comings and goings in the Roccbox office and we always know when guests arrive long before we hear a knock on the door! Sometimes a distraction but always a welcome one, he’s a vital member of the team.

Early product development shots


Actual production drawings

Thank you.

We’d like to say thanks to our thousands of followers who have helped shape Roccbox over the years and also to our friends, families and loved ones. Your ideas, feedback and patience have allowed us to make this idea real and we’re so excited to be sharing this journey with you.

If you have a spare second then please help us spread the word. Every extra person who knows about Roccbox really helps.


A final message from Roccbox to our contributors…

We can’t wait to bring Roccbox to market. The production line is ready to go and all we need now is your contributions to kick start production and fund our first batch of stock.

We are not blind to the fact that there may be unforeseen circumstances along the way that have the slim potential to prevent us from delivering your product in accordance with our arranged timeline. Our factory has the capacity to produce 300 Roccbox units a day which we hope assures you that should any challenges be thrown our way, we are going to confidently be able rectify any issues without delay.

You can be assured that we continue to work exceptionally hard to ensure your order is fulfilled on time whilst keeping you fully informed every step of the way.


Frequently Asked Questions.


How can I get in touch with your team?

If you want to get it touch with the Roccbox team for anything to do with the campaign, or if you just fancy a chat then fire an email over to or reach out to us on our social channels. We’re a chatty bunch and will be happy to help.

Why have you partnered with Indiegogo?

Partnering with Indiegogo allows us to kick start our production & get Roccbox to customers quicker than traditional methods.  As an international platform, Indiegogo can also get us exposure to customers across Europe and the U.S, which is important to us.

Why is there a delay from purchase to delivery?

We are a small company without limitless access to finance to build a supply of stock.  By supporting us through our campaign, you will help pay for our first full production runs which we will ship to you as soon they’re ready on a first come, first served basis.

When will the first Roccboxes be delivered?

Deliveries will begin from June, subject to no unforeseen production delays.

Does Roccbox come with a warranty?

Absolutely!  Every Roccbox will come with a 1 year warranty from any manufacturing faults or defects.

What comes in the box?

With every Roccbox comes the oven, wood burner, gas burner, pizza peel, bottle opener / wood burner tool & user manual complete with recipes.

When can I choose my colour?

Shortly after you have ordered your Roccbox through Indiegogo, you will receive an email asking for your colour preference. Keep an eye out on your emails and simply follow the instructions!

How much does it weigh?

Roccbox weighs approximately 20kg.

Where are you shipping to?

The territories we are shipping to are listed within the perks & different shipping rates will apply depending on where you are in the world.

I would like to change my shipping address. What should I do?

(Answer can be found here).

What will happen after the campaign?

Roccbox will be retailing at £399 after the campaign through our website –  We will advise on delivery times for those orders at the time.

I’m in the USA, will I get my order when customers in the EU get theirs?

We are aiming to get stock landed both here in the UK and in the US from the beginning of June for deliveries to start.  If this looks likely to change for whatever reason we will of course be informing supporters as soon as possible.

I’m in Canada, will I get my order when customers in the EU get theirs?

We are aiming to get stock landed both here in the UK and in Canada from the beginning of June for deliveries to start.  If this looks likely to change for whatever reason we will of course be informing supporters as soon as possible.

I’m in Australia, will I get my order when customers in the EU get theirs?

We fully intend on bringing Roccbox to your region in line with everyone else.  We are busy working our hardest to bring Roccbox to you but we don’t want you to have to pay ridiculous shipping charges.  You are more than welcome to purchase a Roccbox through our campaign but please be aware that you may have to wait a little bit longer to get your Roccbox delivered whilst we work on getting Roccbox to Australia in bulk.

How do we know Roccbox is safe?

We take product safety very seriously and Roccbox meets the relevant safety standards in each country we are shipping to.  Many members of our team have extensive backgrounds in commercial oven design so we have experience in this area.

Why are payments being taken in US Dollars when you’re a British company?

True, we are British company but Roccbox has a very strong following in the United States and universally, USD tends to be a familiar currency – we hope you don’t mind!

How much will Roccbox cost to buy on Indiegogo?

The sooner you buy, the less you pay!  We will be using a tiered pricing structure throughout the campaign with an initial price of $429.  Don’t worry though, for those of you who are a little late to the show Roccbox’s final campaign price will still be lower than the RRP after the campaign concludes.

I’m having trouble making a payment. Who should I reach out to?

We’re sorry to hear that! If you’re having trouble making a payment, please reach out to Indiegogo’s Customer Happiness Team at One of their payments specialists will be able to assist you within 24 hours.

Can I get a refund?

According to Indiegogo’s refund policy, all backers can get a refund directly through them until the campaign ends. Instructions can be found here.

After the campaign, please reach out to our team at!

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