How to Relieve Stress


How to Relieve Stress? Many of us have a fast-paced, high-pressure life, high strength and heavy family responsibilities, and we sometimes feel overwhelmed and unable to control our lives. Everyone in our live is under pressure, but if it is not under control, it will seriously affect our physical and mental health. Fortunately, we can control our own life, slow down the pace of life, and suppress the generation of stress.

The pressure comes not only from unpleasant and troublesome events. Some positive events (such as marriage, new entry, pregnancy, etc.) will also make us nervous. (How to Relieve Stress)

The pressure is not completely useless. In fact, in many cases, the pressure can make the body ready to respond quickly to adversity, thus protecting themselves. These confrontation or evasion reactions have enabled humans to survive when the environment in which humans are asked to respond quickly to their threats. (How to Relieve Stress)

The problem with modern society is that even if our live are not in a dangerous state, the stress response in our body will be triggered on a regular basis. Chronic stimulation of stress hormones can harm human health. (How to Relieve Stress)

Headache, gastrointestinal disorders, rash, hair loss, heartbeat disorders, back pain and muscle pain and other symptoms may be related to stress. (How to Relieve Stress)

The perception of stress varies greatly from person to person. Stimulating your friends’ nerves may not have the slightest effect on you, and vice versa. In other words, the most important thing is not what happened to you, but how you react to what is happening. (How to Relieve Stress)

There are many ways to deal with stress. You can try to reduce the pressure of the various ways to see which method is most suitable for their own. Next we will introduce a series of practical ways to help you reduce your stress and improve your coping mechanism. (How to Relieve Stress)

Get support from others. Learn more about people who can bring you friendship and support, such as friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors. (How to Relieve Stress)

Reasonable control of your life. You cannot control everything around you, but if you can properly handle your work and relationships, you can better cope with stress. In fact, there is evidence that lack of autonomy in work is one of the factors that leads to work stress. If you are still unable to control your work or relationships after some effort, you may even have to make some changes. (How to Relieve Stress)

Establish a life goal. Wake up every morning with a positive sense of motivation and a sense of the target, which is critical to control the pressure. If you have a lot of free time, you can participate in some volunteer activities. (How to Relieve Stress)

Smile. Humor can make people look at the problem correctly, and laughter itself can cause chemical changes in the body, thereby increasing your sense of peace. If you want to laugh yourself, you can watch comedy movies or TV shows, participate in comedy clubs, read magazines on the newspaper or old friends with the old. (How to Relieve Stress)

Through physical exercise to solve your troubles. Aerobic exercise is of great benefit to the body and mind. It can cause a sense of peace and reduce the stress response. You do not need to run a marathon; three consecutive 20 minutes of exercise per week is enough. Then let yourself take a break, go for a walk, swim, ride, jog, dance or other sports. If you do not have regular physical exercise or have serious health problems, consult your doctor before exercising. (How to Relieve Stress)

Choose a non-irritating diet. Quit caffeine, because this stimulant will make you feel anxious when there is no pressure. Who will need these extra worries? Nicotine also has the same effect, so should reduce smoking or quit smoking. (How to Relieve Stress)

Change the mind of the “self-talk”. Every day we talk to ourselves quietly, and these conversations will have a huge impact on our stress. (For example: what will the IRS do to me? How can I pay for medical expenses? Will I get the chance of this promotion?) Without any help, we will only take us into a dead end we are helpless. Positive and reasonable self-talk will make people feel excited rather than frustrated. Unreasonable self-talk may be your long-term habits, so can only be gradually amended. If you need help, consult a therapist. (How to Relieve Stress)

Realize that you cannot control all the pressure and change your attitude. In some cases, you cannot control (such as hurricanes, unemployment, etc.), in these cases, accept the reality is a good way to reduce stress. Try to change what you can control, and accept the things you cannot control. (How to Relieve Stress)

Take time to relax yourself. Spend at least 15 minutes a day to relax yourself. If necessary, leave the rest time on the schedule, as the relaxation is as important as any other arrangement. (How to Relieve Stress)

Relaxation of muscle tension is helpful. The method is to inhale and tighten a group of muscles, then exhale and relax the muscles. And then repeat the same process for the next group of muscles. From the toes, slowly move to your face. (How to Relieve Stress)

Another way is to imagine. First choose a place where you have ever been or want to go for a pleasant and relaxing place. And then imagine yourself immersive, not only to imagine the way things look, but also to imagine the surrounding environment, smell, taste and feeling. Take a deep breath and let the picture stay in your mind for five minutes. (How to Relieve Stress)

Some people cannot use these methods to make themselves relax. If so, you should take the time to find a way to make you relax. Other methods you can also try to include gardening, crochet weaving, photography, painting, listening to music or creating music. (How to Relieve Stress)

Financial management. Unstable economic conditions will generate enormous pressure, so you should try to stabilize your economic situation. Trying to reduce credit card debt and increase bank deposits. Consult a financial adviser if necessary. Taking only a few financial steps can ease people’s stress. (How to Relieve Stress)

Do not expect to take care of everything. In addition to living a good personal and family life, the community also prompted us to get wealth, power and success of the aura. But it is almost impossible to succeed in each field. Determine what is most important to you and what can make your heart feel peaceful and then focus on these areas. (How to Relieve Stress)

When you encounter some of the major problems that cause stress and cannot be solved, you should ask for help. You can consult a therapist, a marriage counselor, a psychologist, a social worker, or a clergy who can help you sort out your mind and at least solve some of the problems that make you stress. (How to Relieve Stress)

Slowly take a deep breath. Steady and slow abdominal breathing allows you to calm down in a stress state, so that more clearly think about the problem. Try the following short breath to relax: the side of the suction side of the number of five, hold your breath and count to five, and then while the number of breath to five. Repeat again. (But do not repeat too many times or several to five, otherwise it will lead to excessive breathing.) Have patience. Perhaps this requires some practice to be done; especially smokers may be difficult. (How to Relieve Stress)

Do not vent your frustration with innocent people. For example, do not vent your job to your child. Should be clearly aware of the problem, find some strategies to solve or alleviate the problem, and then put into action. Otherwise, you will only increase your own pressure. (How to Relieve Stress)


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