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Whiteboards are found everywhere – in our offices, schools and even our homes. We depend on whiteboards to help us communicate our ideas to others in the room, but in today’s connected world, we often need to share those ideas more widely.

Kaptivo is a brand new accessory that transforms any whiteboard into an online collaboration solution. With Kaptivo, everything you write on your whiteboard can be shared in real time with colleagues working remotely, or distributed to your team afterwards as a PDF document. You can even rewind your whiteboard to a particular point in the meeting to see how an idea developed.

Using Kaptivo is easy. Just work with your whiteboard as normal – any pen, any colour, any number of people collaborating. As you work, everything you write is captured automatically by Kaptivo.

There’s no need to take notes or pictures of the board any more – Kaptivo gives you clean, sharp images ready to share or stream wirelessly in real time. With a secure invitation, anyone can access your whiteboard via their web browser or mobile device using the Kaptivo companion app. Participants can view the whiteboard evolving in real time, and rewind to any point of the whiteboard’s timeline using the history feature.Kaptivo works with any size of whiteboard up to 6′ x 4′ (1.8m x 1.2m). Installing Kaptivo above your whiteboard is as easy as hanging a picture frame and takes less than three minutes. Kaptivo comes with simple, clear instructions and a template for easy installation.

Inside Kaptivo is a digital (CMOS) camera with a processor, memory, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE. Our patent-pending image processing algorithms run in the processor.

The algorithms perform the highly complex task of analyzing the scene in real time to identify the content written on the board and remove all artifacts, such as people’s hands, distortions, shadows and reflections.

Kaptivo then streams a live view of the board to connected clients via any Web browser, or the Kaptivo iOS/Android app.

Kaptivo automatically stores key frames in a history, so you can go back in time and see how the board contents changed during a session.

When you buy a Kaptivo unit, you will receive:

  • The main Kaptivo unit (to be mounted above your whiteboard)
  • A ‘control pad’ which mounts on the wall next to the whiteboard and connects to the main unit with a discreet cable
  • A power adapter, which plugs into the control pad
  • A mounting plate to enable easy fixing of Kaptivo to the wall or whiteboard

You can connect to Kaptivo from any modern browser without the need to download any software. There are also native iOS and Android apps for those who prefer to work via mobile. Depending on the volume of customer demand, we may also release a native Windows app.

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