iVUE Horizon | iVUE Smart Glasses Introduction and Comparison


Both iVUE Horizon and DigiOptix Smart Camera Glasses are the world’s leading smart glasses

How about iVUE Horizon

iVUE Horizon capture your view in crisp and clear HD 1080P video with the iVUE Horizon 1080P Camera Glasses.

iVUE Horizon keep your hands free while you record all of your sporting adventures whether it be hunting, fishing, rock climbing, skateboarding, playing Frisbee, or motor sports! In 720P mode the glasses record at 60 frame per second, which is perfect for capturing fast action shots with fluid motion.

The 135-degree wide angle video lens captures a wider field of vision; it can capture more of what your eye sees. The glasses feature advanced image stabilization which enables you to record action shots with nice smooth video. The iVUE Horizon are tightly constructed and well built with gaskets covering the ports, making them weather resistant.


  • 1080P/720P HD Video Recording
  • Frame Rate: 30fps/60fps
  • 135-degree Wide Angle
  • Memory: SD Card (up to 32GB)
  • Noise Reduction Microphone
  • Battery: 550mAH (1.5 hours)


About DigiOptix Smart Camera Bluetooth Glasses 1080P with hand gestures control

With DigiOptix camera smart glasses, you can record videos, take pictures and access your smartphone among many other things. Wearable on your head and hands-free, all you need to do is motion with your hand, making the defined gestures around the sensors.

High Definition Pictures

You don’t need to have a very expensive smartphone or a DSLR camera anymore to achieve the best picture results. DigiOptix smart glasses have a 1080P wearable smart glasses videocamera with which you can easily capture high-quality pictures and videos.Digioptix smartglasses moment camera

Hands-Free Control

You can use a swipe of your hand to capture pictures, rotate your fingers to turn the volume up and down and there are many other hand gestures that can be used in various situations. It is like wearing a hands-free smart camera.

·         Swipe front to back in front of the motion sensor to activate the hands-free smart glasses video camera

·         Swipe back to front to capture videos

·         To make and attend calls, swipe your hand from a far towards the smart gesture sensor

·         To increase volume, make a clockwise motion near the sensor and anticlockwise for decreasing volume

·         To change to next audio track, make a push up gesture near the sensor and a pull down gesture to play the previous track

Bluetooth and Battery

The Bluetooth 4.0 feature allows you to connect to various devices through your smartglasses and you can listen to music easily. Moreover, the smartglasses will come with rechargeable battery necklaces later so you can easily recharge the battery without getting into a hassle.


1080p picture/video and hand gesture control are great features for a Bluetooth glasses. Only problem is the storage 8G/16G/32G is built in, you cannot change the storage by yourself.

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