What Is the Best Smart Glasses | iVUE Camera Glasses Review and More


If you want to have fun, get some camera glasses. The best advantage of using camera glasses as opposed to other spy devices is that they give you a close first person view and they’re hands free.

Today we are going to compare two hottest camera glasses. iVUE Camera Glasses vs. DigiOptix Smart Glasses. Let’s get started!

iVUE Camera Glasses Horizon 1080P HD:

iVUE Camera Glasses are designed for the sports enthusiasts. It records in HD 1080P video resolution at 30 fps, in 16:9 ratio.  You can record in 1080p at 30fps, 720p at 60fps or 30fps. Its capable of taking 16-shot rapid bursts still photos. It has 8gb of internal memory so you don’t even need to have additional memory, it works out of the box.

Top Features of iVUE Camera Glasses
  • 720P/1080P HD 
  • Frame Rate: 30fps/60fps
  • 90° Angle Lens
  • Video Stabilization
  • Memory: SD Card (up to 32GB)
  • Audio: Stereo
  • Time/Date Stamp

You can shop iVUE Camera Glasses at Here

DigiOptix Smart Glasses:

With DigiOptix Smart Glasses, you can record videos, take pictures and access your smartphone among many other things. Wearable on your head and hands-free, all you need to do is motion with your hand, making the defined gestures around the sensors. The DigiOptix Motus Model Camera Glasses use wearable smart glasses technology that can help you to record HD 1080p videos, take 12 MP pictures, answer phone calls and listen to music through Bluetooth Technology. Motus truly defines hands free, as you can do all of this with just a few simple gestures. Capture Every Moment with this revolutionary multi-media device.

Top Features of DigiOptix Smart Glasses
  • 1080P HDMotusGlasses-1024x562
  • Bluetooth 4.0 accepts phone calls, plays music, and voice GPS navigation.
  • PC camera: DigiOptix can work as a Webcam.
  • Works as USB memory Power duration: 4-5 hours (Video), 10 hours (camera 1 photo/second), 6 hours (playing MP3)
  • Photo Storage: 60-200 photos/8Gb; Video Storage: 200-500min/8Gb
  • Camera hardware resolution: 1.3Mpixels Recording Speed: 30-45 fps/br Reading Speed > 700kbs, write >500Kbs
  • THE KIT INCLUDES: a. DigiOptix Wearable Smart Glasses; b. Bluetooth Headset; c. Silicon Ear Cushion Accessory; d. USB Charging Cable

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