Dualo Du-touch : Music Worth Making!


With the dualo du-touch, anyone can learn to create and share beautiful music.

In my humble opinion, it’s because of amazing products like the dualo du-touch that we started this website. Music-lovers and the tone-deaf alike can appreciate how cool this is. The dualo combines all the creative possibilities of traditional musical instruments with the technology of modern DJ setups.

I tried to play the violin for nearly half my life, and aside from mastering a few songs composed centuries ago I was never able to make music worth sharing. The technicalities of learning a string instrument aside, I never felt capable of making my own music. To compose something unique felt totally out of reach, especially since I was limited to one instrument.

The dualo is accessible to anyone, because the instrument itself is easier to learn than traditional musical instruments. There are no bows or picks to use, and there’s a wealth of information online for learning how to play. The keyboard is designed to be intuitive, with notes arranged logically and scales and chords represented by geometric patterns. In addition to being able to easily create your own music, the du-touch makes it incredibly easy to play music composed by other users. The dualo can read scores, and each loop’s notes are directly displayed on the lights under the keys.


If you like to play music on the go or perform in public, the dualo is an excellent choice. It’s extremely lightweight and you can use a strap to play it while standing. It also has eight hours of battery life while playing. Coupled with an earphone jack, it’s easy to go from playing on the couch to practicing on the subway during your morning commute.

One Fantastic Shop is proud and excited to offer this cutting-edge technology at the lowest possible price. With our ongoing commitment to emerging technology, we are thrilled to offer our customers the dualo du-touch and we can’t wait to hear your creations!

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