Chinese students spend a lot of money to grab United States H1B work visas just to check

Fiscal year 2017 H1B application will be launched, including thousands of Chinese Student applicants, have tried to increase the success rate. (Source: United States the world journal, taken from the USCIS website)

According to the United States the world journal, “I want to stay in the United States, my parents support me, so I must check this year. “Recently has sent out two copies H1B application of Alice, finally found two home willing to hired she of company, but these small enterprise, are showed that” cannot burden application costs “, so from Guangzhou, last year from champagne Illinois University (UIUC) graduated of Alice,” table Xia “voluntary full paid application fee and lawyer fee, only for this two copies voted Xia heavy funding of H1B draw file, is she left in United States of” only hope “.

From the fiscal year 2017 H1B applications starting April 1, only less than a month, due to the chance check this year could be lower, tens of thousands of Chinese study abroad plans apply for H1B (micro-blog), there are many “spared”, pays all the costs, try, send application documents at least two companies, would like to take this increased success rate.

According to the understanding, the current general law firm of H1B application service, everything about 2500 Yuan (us $, the same below) to 3000 Yuan, one half of the costs, must be paid at the time of application and pay only half the ballot.

Immigration (microblogging) application fee, if 25 scale following the company’s standards, including the basic application fee is $ 325, employer fee to 750 Yuan, fraud protection, expedited service fee charge 500 Yuan (premium processing service) subject to 1225. Charge more for, had been “in no rush will not” so that students would rather spend more than 1000 Yuan, and asked that “smoke”.

In other words, if the applicant “under the table” full pay of, a small company of H1B application, not before the balloting, will spend nearly 5000 costs, Alice said, “Yes, for this year’s draw for the H1B, I have now spent nearly 10,000 yuan. ”

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