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Today, we are going to introduce some hot camera glasses in the market and also make a comparison of them.

1. iVUE Horizon Camera Glasses

  • 1080P video, also the 720P version available now.
  • Frame Rate: 30fps/60fps
  • 135 degree wide angle lens provides a wider field of vision.
  • 8GB memory included. The memory is expandable and support up to a 32GB memory card.
  • One-touch button recording with audio tone. Glasses will alert you with audio tone when recording starts and when it stops. In addition, an indicator light on the inner right arm of the glasses will flash while recording65761ec8662ae9ec627ea938b1db96e3
  • Weight 0.77 pounds
  • Rechargeable 550 mAH battery

Amazon Price: no coupon found, $159 on Amazon

Customer rate on Amazon:
QQ Photo20161024143037Comment: Standard camera glasses, you can take pictures and record videos at 1080P. Nothing to complain but also lack of creativity.

2. Toughsty™ Hidden Camera Video Glasses

  • Real-time video recording, video resolution: 1920x1080P, video frame rate: 25/ glasses
  • 8GB Micro SD Card built in and support 32GB Micro SD Card in Max
  • Battery Capacity: 300mAh ,Operating Battery Life: 50min
  • Weight 0.4 pounds

Amazon Price: After all the discount applied, $64.89 on Amazon

Customer rate on Amazon:

QQ Photo20161024143037

Comment: This spy glasses hidden camera glasses is almost same as the iVUE, the highlights are the lightweight frame.

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3. DigiOptix Motus Smart Glasses Camera Glasses

  • 1080P HDcamera, 3Mpixels Recording Speed: 30-45 fps/br Reading Speed > 700kbs, write >500Kbscamera glasses
  • It has Built-in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB Storage Options.
  • Bluetooth function: answer phone calls and listen to music through Bluetooth Technology, compatible with IOS/Android. When you pair with your smart phone, this smart glasses have an indicator in front of your dominant eye allow you to make calls, take photos and videos, and use smartphone apps all without reaching for your smartphone.
  • PC camera: DigiOptix can work as a Webcam
  • Works as USB memory Power duration: 4-5 hours (Video), 10 hours (camera 1 photo/second), 6 hours (playing MP3)
  • Wearable smart glasses technology Gesture Functions- Taking Pictures: Swipe backwards from front to back in front of the sensor; Recording Videos: Swipe forwards from back to front to start and stop recording. The indicator will flash green continuously. Swipe front to back to pause the recording; Making Phone Calls: swipe from afar and towards the smart gesture sensor. Swipe toward the sensor again to hang up the phone.

Amazon Price: $88.9932GB Glasses

Customer rate on Amazon:

QQ Photo20161024143439

Comment: The winner today! So many interesting functions that other camera glasses don’t have. You can answer phone calls and listen music with the Bluetooth function. PC camera is another neat feature. Another highlight is the hand gestures control! Wearable on your head and hands-free, all you need to do is motion with your hand, you can record videos, take pictures even adjust music volume then.

Official site:

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