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888 Int’l Market offer you the highest quality in every product and service. Their retail location serves the kansas/missouri market areas, especially the Asia-American market. 888 market is focusing on bringing quality merchandise online to the entire city. With over 10,000 top brand products to choose from, you are assured to receive quality products at competitive prices whether you are stopping by their retail location at 10118 W 119th St
Overland Park, KS 66213

888 Int’l Market have an extensive list of food & products available through our many departments. In addition, they also offer a host of other services offered right in their store to assist in you in your daily living such as Western Union agent, Western Union is a money transfer leader. Send money online to a bank in select countries or to over 500,000 agent locations worldwide.

Here is some reviews of their customers

Cou P.:After long hour meeting, heading out of the office, hungry.  Tonight I don’t feel wanna go out, drive far, waiting 40 mins for a table to eat.  So I just went over to 888 which is just 5 mins away, to get some easy, fast, cheap, quick eat then go home.

Hubby ordered Singapore rice noodle which was very bland, just tastes like chef forgot to add salt?  And the rice noodle was different from normal it should be.  So we gave Singapore rice noodle a 2-1/2 stars today.

I ordered Yangzhou fried rice which also bland too… So 2-1/2 stars too.

Vegetarian’s delight never failed me! 4 stars!!  I always order this every time I eat at here.  Vegetables always different, depends on what they have in hand that day, not always as it showed on the board when you ordered.

The reason for me to give 4 stars is because of it’s conveniences and fast, price is very good and no need to tip at all.

After eating also can grab some fresh vegetables and meat to cook for next week.  So I can stay in, no need to come back here on Saturday, deal with lots of people, and be patient, waiting in long line to check out!

PS. You can ask chef not to use MSG on your dish when you place your order.

888 International Market - Overland Park, KS, United States. #56 - Yangzhou fried rice - $7.99

888 International Market - Overland Park, KS, United States. #50 - Vegetarian's delight - $6.99

  • Myrnie T.: What a find in the KC area!  Our family just arrived from Seattle- I was resigned to a life with Asian supplies coming in care packages from back home.  AMAZING store- reminds me of Ranch 99 if that helps.  Covers a lot of ground- bakery (try the custard buns- loved the addition of a salty crackle topping), hot deli with seating area, produce, bulk dried goods, restaurant supply goods, live seafood, frozen section, etc.  There were aisles devoted to various cuisines- Thai, Japanese, etc.  I was able to find everything I needed to re-stock my cupboards. Nice clean store, extremely large selection….I will be back!

More food pictures:

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